Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't Get into a Lather...or Lysol Touch of Foam Handwash

Just recently I signed on to be a BzzAgent - and Lysol Antibacterial Touch of Foam handwash is my first campaign!  I thought it would be interesting to try out new products, give my honest two cents and share that info with others.  That's what this post is all about.

I received my kit - it included a full sized pump bottle of Lysol Touch of Foam in Creamy Vanilla Orchard scent.  The first thing I noticed was that it is a nice looking product.  Purple liquid in the bottle, a pretty flower on the label, cool cursive handwriting and nice fussy look for the counter when you're having guests over.  I also noticed on first blast from the pump that a decent amount of foamy soap that came out with just a small tap.  And the lather!  That small amount coated my entire hands with foamy soft soap.  I was amazed at how soft it felt, very smooth and very soothing.  The scent was mellow, and vanilla-y, and it made for quite a relaxing handwash (as opposed to the high stress handwashing we're all used to!)  After I had washed my hands and I was relaxing with a copy of "The Sabbath" by Wayne Muller in the kitchen, I noticed the scent still hung on, only it wasn't really the scent of vanilla any more, it was quite a strong medicinal scent.  "Maybe it's just me" I thought, and went back to reading.  Then my husband passed by going through the kitchen to find the Port  and there it was again, like a small wave from the medicine cabinet.  "Did you try the new soap?" I asked nonchalantly.  "Yep" He said. "Well, what did you think?"  said I.  "It's good.  Nice and foamy!" and that was the end of that!  I tried Touch of Foam a few more times over the weekend and had the same experience.  Then we had some friends over for Easter brunch and I left the new soap discreetly in the bathroom.  Of course

they instantly noticed and commented on it.  "I like your new soap. Nice and foamy!" Odd the things friends talk about over ham and deviled eggs..."What did you think of the scent?" I asked, remaining casual and unaffected by the answer. "Fine, are there any more eggs??"  Further prodding concluded that everyone thought it was fine, foamy and had a chill scent.  No one else seems to notice it being particularly strong so I guess for most people it must not be too much.  Could I really be that oversensitive???  Taking my thoughts off of me me me, I assess the product this way.  It's an effective, attractive soap that foams up nicely and goes a long way for the dollar.  It also feels great on your skin.  Some may find it too strong a fragrance but most probably won't.  With it's antibacterial properties and strong fragrance it's probably a good choice for busy bathrooms that host many hands!  Enjoy the suds!

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