Sunday, March 24, 2013

I Love a Bargain!

Yeah, I'm on a tear to attempt to buy all unconsumables from second hand sources. I say attempt because there are limits to the cause of saving and reusing.  Anything in the undergarments or at all near the netheryaya region is out.  I already see that
clothes is a go, if you are willing to dig through a lot of fabric that was questionable when it was new, it is amazing what you can walk away with.  Beautiful pieces for little money. 
As women, we want to be economical and smart in our shopping, but we still want to look good.  And, there is a certain victorious thrill when you find something really wonderful for almost nothing.
In the never ending quest for that something fabulous, on my last trip to the Goodwill I found a black velvet midi skirt in perfect condition (wearable for work or for a schmancy night on the town!) for 2 dollars,  two cereal bowls from the 1950s that match some old' coffee cups I inherited from my parents for 40 cents a piece and, a paperback copy of Sabbath by Wayne Muller for 50 cents. The most awesome part is when someone compliments your outfit and you know you pulled the whole thing together for 3 bucks.  Score!!!  My style inspiration comes from Auntie Mame, Laura Petrie and Jane Hathaway.  Sort of nun meets librarian meets party hopper. I break out my most recent purchase tonight at an Ana Moura Fado concert in Minneapolis.  May the velvet be with you!

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